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SignStealingSoftware-P2 UMDCTF2020

Introduction I finally decided to make my first writeup for a ctf challenge, it is a web exploitation one for a challenge called …

Splatter_Calc tamuctf2020

Introduction We played tamuctf 2020, it was a 10 day long beginner to intermediate level ctf, 20 teams solved all the problems, we …

Locked KitKat

Locked kitkat The challenge : We’ve extracted the internal disk from the Android device of the suspect. Can you find the pattern …

chameleon solution BsidesSF 2020

Introduction BsidesSF had really really good reverse engineering challenges, but I loved two challenges. One windows reverse challenge …

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Iyed Mejri

web, pwn


Aalaeddine Knani (iwd)

foren, steg, misc



pwn, web, misc